How a hydrated base will give you a dewy, flawless makeup finish

Bring out a soft, hydrated natural glow, use less product and keep your makeup fresh for 12 hours or longer

Does your skin feel tight, dry and lifeless under your makeup? Do you struggle with your makeup looking cakey, powdery or find it hard to effectively blend in your contouring? Would you like your skin to look softer, smoother and more vibrant? 

By incorporating our Dream Serum Rosé into your makeup routine we're going to show you how a few drops of priming serum can completely change both your skin and the appearance of your makeup. Why? Because it's especially formulated to boost your skins moisture levels while priming and protecting your skin.

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Why the best makeup finish always starts with the BEST skin

Too often our makeup routine centers around hiding the imperfections in our skin - without realising that as we continue to layer on concealer, pore-filling primers and heavy weight foundations we're often enhancing the skin's imperfections over time. We know you love your makeup - but regular wear is HARD on your skin. 

When you incorporate the intensive nutritional, restorative and anti-oxidising properties of our Dream Serum Priming Serum into your routine what you're doing is giving your skin the best chance to recover from extended makeup wear. This leads to a clearer, smoother and more even complexion  - which leads to you needing to use less foundation and concealer - which leads to even better skin over time - the perfect, balanced base.

The secret is in the anti-oxidants. This serum contains a concentrated dose of Kakadu Plum - native to Australia - and nature's most potent and stable source of Vitamin C. This dosage of Vitamin C is hugely restorative for your skin. We also incorporate over 6 additional natural botanical extracts to provide extra nutrition to the skin and enhance the Serum's restorative benefits.

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How to use the Dream Serum Rosé to enhance your makeup

Mixing the our Dream Serum Rosé with your makeup products will help to soften and bring out a more moisture rich vibrance. This helps your makeup visibly POP and glow. Best techniques can include:

  1. Mixing with your foundation to allow for a lighter, more sheer application with great coverage
  2. Applying to your highlighter and concealers - this helps a whole lot with your contouring - the products will glide on more smoothly
  3. Using a few drops on your beauty blender will allow you to blend more evenly and naturally
  4. Putting a few drops onto your brush before applying your highlighter will really bring out the shine in your highlights
  5. Using as a natural primer under your lipstick will plump the lips and keep them softer and more moisturised

Priming that's good for your skin

Traditionally Primers work by creating a layer of filler over the surface of your skin - ensuring your makeup has a more even canvas to work on. Often this is a synthetic layer that tends to clog pores and block the skin's ability to breath - leading to makeup sliding off as the day progresses and the skin losing it's health and vitality.

Our Dream Serum achieves a priming effect - but it uses an alternative - significantly more skin healthy - method to get there. What the Dream Serum Priming Serum does is use a unique combination of skin plumping peptides and Vegan Hyaluronic acid to create a breathable but, smoother surface over the skin allowing Makeup to adhear and stay fresher for longer. 

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occouring substance that the body creates that acts as a Humectant. This means it absorbs and bonds water molecules. This helps the skin stay more hydrated for longer, preventing makeup issues caused by dehydrated skin (YES - this does apply when you have oily skin - dehydration is one of the main reasons why your skin produces more oil).

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Get started with our most popular twin pack


Our twin pack is our most popular Dream Serum package. Two serum's provide ample product for daily use in your skincare routine plus give you extra product that you can use liberally in your makeup applications. 

The serum is loaded with skin firming peptides and amino acids, plus skin-enhancing antioxidants, including Australian Kakadu Plum extract - the richest, naturally occouring source of vitamin C in the world. This combo tightens, and firms the skin, maintains health and keeps your makeup fresh all day.

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