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Shari <br> "Cleared my Rosacea Flare Up in less than a week"

"Cleared my Rosacea Flare Up in less than a week"

Just turned 47 and I had been having a pretty awful Rosacea flare for a couple of months where nothing I seemed to do would calm it down. I took out retinoids and that calmed things down a little but my skin just wasn’t right. I would think I had found a solution and all of a sudden the flare up would be worse and my skin would feel as though it was burning. I got the nourishing trio with the Unmask a week ago. It had already made a HUGE difference already. I love how my skin feels and my little red bumps are calming down (only a couple to be seen). I am a big fan of these products and hope they keep doing their awesome work :)
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Katie Paige <br> "Completely Impressed!"

Katie Paige
"Completely Impressed!"

After reading all the amazing reviews for these products I decided to go for it and get the Nourishing Trio, Core Pack. I'm 31, living in mild Bay Area, California with fairly dry rosacea prone skin. My birth control has also brought on delightful little bumps and occasional pimples around my hairline, chin and neck that I never had before. Every cleanser I've ever tried has left my face feeling stripped and tight, so I compensated with a super thick creamy moisturizer, which adsorbed immediately and didn't offer lasting hydration.
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