Katie Paige
"Completely Impressed!"

Katie Paige <br> "Completely Impressed!"

After reading all the amazing reviews for these products I decided to go for it and get the Nourishing Trio, Core Pack. I'm 31, living in mild Bay Area, California with fairly dry rosacea prone skin. My birth control has also brought on delightful little bumps and occasional pimples around my hairline, chin and neck that I never had before. Every cleanser I've ever tried has left my face feeling stripped and tight, so I compensated with a super thick creamy moisturizer, which adsorbed immediately and didn't offer lasting hydration.

Cut to the discovery of this oil based cleanser/trio. I could tell right away that my skin was going to be much happier, and that has absolutely proved to be true. I've use the trio as directed for almost 12 weeks now twice a day, sometimes a couple drops more or less, and my skin has never been so consistently hydrated, soft, and even in tone. The products also smell amazing (my favorite is definitely step 2 "Layer Once Nourishing Oil" made with blue cypress, which to me smells like bergamot. At first I wasn't crazy about the rose scent of the other two, but now I love everything about the whole routine. I literally look forward to it every day when I wake up and before getting into bed. It's like a mini facial twice a day that leaves you literally glowing and inspired to take better care of your skin.

Be careful with the bottles! Make sure to reseal the dropper lids every time, because you do NOT want to accidentally knock them over and lose any of that precious (and expensive) magic oil. I only spilled once and thankfully didn't lose too much, but it was still sad! The price is pretty steep, but you're paying for high quality products which should last way longer than 8 weeks (w/ 1 oz bottles) if used as directed. I still have 1/4-1/3 of the bottles left!

Pretty amazing - I highly recommend you give them a try! :)