Recommended Routine for Combination Skin

How to control oil, tighten pores, calm breakouts while hydrating problem areas

Are you getting regular breakouts? Do your pores appear enlarged, and your skin look shiny every day? At the same time you have dry patches? If you answered yes to any of these questions then your skin is most certainly combination - over-producing sebum - its natural oil in problem areas whilst under-producing in drier areas. 

Your recommended routine is designed to help you manage this - controlling oil, clearing + toning pores, reducing breakouts, helping to restore any visible long-term damage due to breakouts, acne and congestion. Simultaneously this routine will deliver appropriate levels of hydration to dry patches.

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The Supercharged Routine
The ultimate skincare program for combination skin types 
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✔ Reduce Oil in problem areas
✔ Tighten Pores
✔ Calm Breakouts
✔ Results in days


Why choose a full routine?

The outcome you're looking for is balanced, healthy skin and you need to choose complementary skincare products that all focus on giving you this result. Your skincare routine should be based on carefully selected products designed to work in tandem to balance, clear and maintain oily skin so it looks its best for good.


What to expect

A total skincare solution
That replaces your entire current skincare routine

✔ A simple and easy to manage solution
Your routine will only take a few minutes a day

Reduce oily skin for good
Skin will feel lighter & more matte to the touch and stay that way. No more blotting, no more greasy feeling and no more makeup melting

✔ More hydration in problem areas
Skin will feel softer, moisturised and healthier

Give enlarged pores the heave-ho
Your pores will become visibly smaller and more refined

Clear congestion
Your routine will keeps pores clear & fresh and remove blackheads

✔ Minimise Breakouts
Breakouts will be soothed & any future breakouts will be less frequent and much less visible


How it works


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Wait a minute...  you want me to use oils to make my skin less oily?!

Absolutely! The biggest mistake people make with their skincare is they think this is a bad thing - and commit to continually overcleansing their skin with stripping, drying foaming cleansers, makeup wipes & soaps. 

Remember, your skin naturally produces oil to keep itself healthy. But when you're constantly removing these oils what you're telling your skin it needs to make more - leading to your skin overcompensating and overproducing sebum - leading to a life-time of skin issues.

When you use oils in your skincare you get a different result. Oil dissolves oil - meaning when you cleanse with an oil you're gently dissolving away old sebum and clearing - without - and this is the important bit - stripping & drying your skin. Finishing with a moisturizing oil serum after this is even better as you're introducing beneficial oils to the skin that don't clog pores like heavy moisturising cremes. 

When you do this your skin naturally settles down - it produces less sebum (because it doesn't have to work as hard) and your skin becomes balanced, clear and happy.

Won't any old oil do then?

Absolutely not. Firstly your skin needs the correct blend of oils to stabilise itself and respond to. Choosing the wrong oils (i.e comedogenic ones such as coconut) can have the opposite effect. Your Supercharged routine uses a carefully blended range of oils designed specifically to balance skin that has a natural tendency towards producing excess oil. 

Secondly, the quality of the oil matters.... big time. Here's a comparison - there's a reason why you can pay anything from $5 to $100 for a bottle of olive oil you'd use in your kitchen. Why? Because you're paying for the quality & provenance of the oil - it matters. Guess what - it matters in your skincare too!

Your Supercharged routine uses only the very highest grade of oils, cold-pressed to preserve their nutritional integrity. Combining these with potent, native Australian plant extracts and antioxidants ensures your skin will feel the difference.

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Similar customer experiences

We've helped thousands of women get the best skin of their lives and we'd love for you to hear, in their own words how their Goodieco experience was. Have a read of the following selection of reviews - we've selected ones from women who share the same oily skin type as you:


Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Super Excited

I was a little hesitant about trying the Supercharged Routine, and I wanted to wait until around my cycle before submitting my review... I am, so far, thoroughly impressed! It's only been about three weeks, but I can seriously tell the difference in my skin's appearance and texture. During week two, I got a facial, and my esthetician even commented on how my skin felt. I'm about to start my period now (which, of course is usually the time for the worst breakouts), and there are some areas that have broken out, but NOTHING like before. It also seems like the cycle time for these breakouts has decreased. I already ordered the full size Supercharged Plus and cannot wait to see what the future holds.

This gives my skin life!!!!!

My skin takes a beating. I work outside all day in the intense Southern California Sun. This skin care trio gives my skin the moisture it needs and doesn't cause breakouts. I am so happy with these products, its why I keep ordering them over and over!!!!


These products are life changing! Your face actually feels refreshed after your daily regimen!

This really works.

Before using goodie co I was having clog pores and acne breakouts plus little spots on my face.
But after 2 weeks with goodieco. My skin has way improved, and mostly cleared!

Good so far

I bought the supercharged trio on a whim because of the great reviews I was reading. I am a skin care junky, so I did lots of research before purchasing. I break out really badly and I have VERY oily skin, especially when I am on my period. in the photos I was on my period so the pimples were much more worse. it took a while and as you can see on the 14th day there are still some acne but its slowly fading. my oiliness has not improved, however, hence why I took off one star. they smell amazing. I used these 3 religiously night and day. I am hoping that my acne will fade completely and that the sebum production on my skin will decrease. be careful with the oil because a small amount goes REALLY FAR. sometimes I would put too much and my skin would look greasy. anyway, its alright so far. so im looking forward to seeing how my skin improves the more I use this trio.


Supercharged Trio - Starter Pack (15ml)


Supercharged Trio - Core Routine (30ml)


These products are fantastic!! I have forever had issues with large pores and oily skin. I won’t say that it has completely solved these issues, but my skin has definitely improved. And it’s only been a week!

Love it

Leaves my skin looking hydrated and fresh not oily and I live in a very humid place


This one was my second purchase.
I’m loving it! My skin has everything it needs.
It makes me be 100% committed to it because there’s no other way around how to clean your face.
It’s simple and it works!
Thank you