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We've assessed your skincare needs. We're recommending your get started with the Supercharged Trio. This range is designed especially to help balance skin with oily characteristics AND your specific skin concerns. 

How you manage your oily skin with this simple three step routine: 

Are you getting regular breakouts? Do your pores appear enlarged, and your skin look shiny every day? Does your makeup have a tendency to melt off after and feel greasy after a few hours? If you answered yes to any of these questions then your skin is most certainly over-producing sebum - its natural oil. 

The goal of your Supercharged routine is to help resolve some of these issues. Balance your oily skin, hydrating where necessarily and slowing the production of sebum in problem areas.

It's designed to bring your skin back into balance. A unique combination of the highest grade skincare - a carefully blended 3-step program designed especially for oily & combination skin. A quick, effective and luxurious skincare package that's going to have you & your skin set for life. 

The result? Visibly reduced pores, less breakouts, oil levels will FINALLY come under control, smoother skin and more even skin tone.

How does it work?

It's a complete skincare routine. The Supercharged Trio uses three, carefully formulated steps to enhance the skin. It starts with a lightweight, advanced cleansing oil - your key weapon in the fight to control oil. Followed by an instantly absorbed treatment oil and matched with a nourishing gel serum. Each step enhances the other - you get a layering effect that works its magic to deliver you the skin you always wanted!

This potent blend of cold-pressed, skin-friendly, mattifying citrus, essential oils and deeply restorative Kunzea extracts, cleanses and prepares the skin at a cellular level, unclogs pores, reduces bacteria, repairs and prepares the skin.

Why using a cleansing oil is SO important for oily skin

Nothing is more important than preparing your skin correctly with the RIGHT cleanser. With oily skin this step is even more critical to ensure your sebum levels are balanced, your skin is free from harmful bacteria and your pores are clear to receive the benefits from the rest of your skincare products. 

The mistake people often make with their cleanser is over-cleansing- using drying, foaming cleanser to try to reduce oil production. .

What tends to happen when we do this is the skin reacts almost instantly by overproducing oil to compensate - leading to an increase in issues. This is why oil cleansing is so important.

Our Mint Cleansing Oil fixes this. It's made for oily skin - it flushes away all traces of makeup and impurities, unclogs pores and naturally restores balance to your skin.

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This lightweight oil is easily absorbed into the skin and is highly effective at maintaining healthy moisture in the skin. This oil is essential to refining pores and creating a toned, more even complexion. Contains Fragonia extract - native to Australia - and hugely beneficial to help control acne, blemishes and breakouts.

Yes, your oily skin does need additional hydration...

After correctly cleansing you need to tone and repair the skin - plus hydrate!

... but wait... I've got oily skin - surely I don't need more moisture?

Actually - it's the opposite - it's critical you retain a high level of healthy hydration - and chances are your skin is dehydrated.

Excess oil production is very often due to the skin being dehydrated at a cellular level, often from overuse of harsh skincare products. The skin is over-compensating by producing excess sebum - it's desperately trying to keep moisture in.

By adding an oil like our Bright facial treatment oil you're repairing the skin's moisture barrier - hydrating the skin which reduces surface oil over time. Plus you're applying a high potency dose of antioxidants to tighten, tone and improve the skin's appearance. The goal is for your skin to look visibly clearer, your pores tighter, your complexion brighter and blemishes beginning to fade away.

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This serum is loaded with skin firming botanicals and amino acids, plus skin-enhancing antioxidants, including Australian Davidson Plum extract - a potent, natural source of vitamin C and natural AHA. This combo tightens, and firms the skin, maintains health and keeps your makeup fresh all day.

Using a Serum is the most essential skincare step

Serum's are concentrated nutrition for your skin and daily use is an essential part of your skincare routine. With oily skin regular complaints such as congested pores and acne can cause long-term damage and scarring to the skin. A serum is designed to support the skin's natural ability to heal itself by delivering high levels of anti-oxidants and nutrition. 

As a bonus - Our skin-enhancing Dream Serum works as a makeup primer as well!  Regular use keeps your skin in perfect condition, gives your makeup a more even glow and stops it melting after extended wear.



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