Returns & Exchanges

Our Refunds Policy

It's important to understand that investing in a Goodieco routine is a commitment to healthy skin.

When you purchase a Goodieco routine you're receiving a hand-crafted, premium, skincare program made from quality ingredients. This is paired with personal support to help you towards the skin result you're after. It costs us to give you a product of this standard.

Our integrity as a business is important and we avoid skincare sleight of hand by adding unhealthy, synthetic ingredients that FEEL nice (like Silicone) and we won't over-promise with a money back guarantee and then just never respond to you if you have an issue.

We focus exclusively on supporting you and the health of your skin with the finest products that we can create & the best customer experience we can deliver.

Because of this we do not accept returns on opened or used items.

So it's important to understand before you buy:

1) Results may not happen ovenight - healthy skin takes time and this journey is unique for every person. It may take a couple of weeks, it may take several months.

2) You may experience breakouts - this is a normal and incredibly common occourance known as 'purging. By introducing a new skincare routine that's working - i.e detoxing and speeding up cellular turnover - many underlying skin issues can be rapidly accelerated. Breakouts are essentially being pushed up and out of the skin as it becomes healthier.

Our commitment to you is that our team is right there with you - to help you get the most out of your purchase. If you feel you're not getting the results you're after please reach out straight away. Often all it takes is a tiny tweak to your skincare routine and you're back on course for beautiful, healthy skin.

What happens if I received damaged or incorrect products?

Whilst we do our best, unfortunately mistakes can happen. You must notify us within 24 hours of receiving a damaged or incorrect product for a refund or replacement to apply.

We require photos as proof of the damage or incorrect product plus packing slip so our team can assess and authorise the return.

  • In the case of incorrect products - we require the products to be returned to our USA returns office in original, unused condition. Once the original products are received back, we will arrange replacement products to be sent out. We will reimburse the cost of return shipping as store credit with evidence of the paid shipping receipt. If items are returned used we are unable to refund or provide a replacement.
  • In the case of broken products we will arrange for a replacement item to be shipped to you once photos have been reviewed and approved. 

Returns due to allergies & reactions

Experiencing an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis (a reaction to the presence of an irritant) is rare with our products due to their intentionally gentle formulations. However we cannot account for individual circumstances and the unique sensitivities of an individual do not reflect any issues with product quality or formulation.

Because of this we don't offer refunds without written verification from a medical practitioner clearly stating the specific product responsible for the cause of the allergy or reaction, photo proof of the reaction (with a photo ID in shot) and evidence of a patch test.

Please therefore ensure you check ingredients for any possible allergens BEFORE you order. In the rare circumstances where you feel you have had an adverse reaction, please stop using the products immediately and then reach out to your GP or allergist.

Refunds due to change of mind

Please be aware that due to our Covid-19 policies, current international shipping complexities, hygiene and the nature of our products we are not accepting refunds due to change of mind once an item has shipped. All sales are considered final.

If a request is made to cancel prior to shipping we will make our best endeavours to hold the item and process a refund. Please note however, that due to customer service timezone differences and our use of multiple shipping partners we may not be intercept a parcel in time to faciliate this. Additionally, refunds/ cancellations will carry a 10% restocking fee (covering third party expenses to process the order).

Refunds due to shipping delays/ issues

Our shipping partners have been very carefully audited and selected to ensure we get your parcels to you on-time and with minimal missing parcels.

Even in the best circumstance - delays or difficulties outside of our control can occur from time to time - for example due to Covid-19 shipping delays. We do not offer refunds or discounts due to unforeseen shipping delays.

  • If your parcel is lost or reported missing by the courier company (at any point up to point of delivery) we will send you a replacement parcel.
  • If your parcel cannot be delivered due to incorrect address or issues with the delivery location please immediately reach out to the delivery company using the tracking information provided to you at time of purchase to provide re-delivery or further instruction. If a parcel is considered non-deliverable it will be destroyed after a set period of time. We are unable to replace or refund parcels lost or destroyed due to incorrect address or issues with the delivery location.
  • If your parcel is stolen or missing after confirmed point of delivery (i.e porch theft) you are required to launch an investigation with the delivery company using the tracking details provided to you at time of purchase. Once completed please reach out to our customer service team with all information provided to you by the courier company - proof of delivery, signature, GPS co-ordinates or photograph plus any other accompanying evidence. We will verify this info with the courier company and then launch a claim on your behalf for a refund. We ask for your patience during this process as our timelines are dictated by response times from the third party courier company.

What happens if my parcel is missing items?

Our warehouse has tight system in place to minimize this - each parcel is weighed at point of dispatch and independently by the courier company. We conduct a brief verification process to trace where and when this may have occurred and then ship out your missing items via express courier.