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Jazz Parmar
Love it!

Most high quality lip balms will give you soft and supple lips but with Holiday lips I have noticed the color and texture of my lips improving. I had some dark spots on the corners which have improved significantly!
The moisture doesn’t last though and the lip masque needs to applied frequently

Michelle McBride
Healthiest lips

Finally found the right moisture treatment for dry lips. What a relief!

Lenora Biemans
Gotta Have It!

I was so excited to snag this during the last top up Weekend. It's so smooth and it's the best lip treatment I've ever tried! It feels like rather than a temporary fix, it's improving the quality of my lips. I'm not that surprised bc I've loved all of my Goodies.

No tint, but my lips are the best ever

I was slightly disappointed because I hoped this product would lightly enhance my natural lip color, and I see absolutely no difference when wearing it. However, the main reason I got this was for healthy lips and it has come through.

I already had a lip balm that I loved and used, but I had to use it day and night to have moisturized lips and I don't like wearing lip balm 24/7. I tried using just the goodieco lip masque instead, and while it was very good and helped heal my lips during an especially dry flare, I still wasn't getting the results I wanted. So I decided to try layering them. At night, I first apply the lip masque generously and then I put my lip balm on top. It is a winning combo and now I wake up with dreamy soft lips and they stay moisturized all day without reapplying anything. My lips are so smooth they look almost photoshopped.

Sahara Mozaffarimehr

Makes your lips so soft and you don't need a gloss on top if you wear in the day it makes your lips luscious.

Samantha Todd
Really nourishing

I love this treatment, it’s so great overnight or at anytime. My lips feel soft and hydrated and the product is still there in the morning.