Hydrate | Skin Refresh Pack

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Made especially for skin that needs additional softness & hydration. This pack combines two of our best-selling products - designed to carry moisture deeper into the skin, improve texture, soften fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches. It's the perfect complement for your daily routine:

  • A burst of super-food nutrients to prepare the skin
  • Skin feels firmer, softer, smoother and looks plumper
  • Removes dead skin cells and exfoliates very gently, allowing moisture to more readily absorb into the skin
  • It works to restore and protect the skin’s natural elasticity
  • Softening roll-on treatment for fine-lines and dry spots

What's in the Kit?

Unmask - Detoxifying superfood mask
Combining a blend of potent, organic, raw superfoods with Australian Kaolin and Bentonite clay this mask draws impurities out of the skin, replacing them with a unique blend of nourishing, skin enhancing raw nutrients. Dramatically improves the overall tone & texture of the skin and boosts hydration levels. Helps to firm & plump the sub-dermal layer and brings out a rich, healthy glow. When removed it very gently exfoliates and resurfaces the skin to decrease visibility of age spots and provide a more even complexion. The skin feels younger, softer, smoother & renewed.  Stimulating ingredients leave skin with a gentle, pink flush.

Soften - Fine Lines Treatment Stick
Each batch of this remarkable oil takes over 6 weeks to create! We gently and slowly infuse a collection of exceptional natural ingredients into an oil blend that is both deeply hydrating and decadently rich. Working to soften and nourish – this roller can be applied directly onto fine-lines, wrinkles or problem dry-spots. It works to restore and protect the skin’s natural elasticity – meaning fine-lines slowly become less visible and deeper wrinkles are less likely to appear.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Vicky Wright
    Soft skin

    I noticed the difference over night when I started using these products my dry skin has become more hydrated and a lot softer. Love these products. They are expensive but worth the price.

    Sahara Mozaffarimehr
    Great addition to my collection

    Although I got some purging after using unmask, it definitely did what it intends to...detoxify your skin and pull the impurities. Excited to see the lasting results.