Mint - Cleansing Oil

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Say bye-bye to blotting! This cleanser breaks down oil & gently flushes out your pores to reveal smooth, clear, clean & matte skin. PLUS it works to naturally dissolve away your makeup. 

This is the perfect cleanser for oily/ combination skin - made especially to gently remove impurities whilst using citrus and petitgrain oils to gently balance your skin's natural sebum levels leaving your skin soft, even and smooth.

Oil dissolves oil & this cleanser is especially formulated to strip away & keep away excess Sebum whilst keeping the skin clear & hydrated.  This oil is non-comedogenic & is enhanced with native Australian Kunzea oil - which helps nourish the skin at a cellular level while you cleanse to keep your skin in perfect shape.

Deep cleanse pores naturally

Reduces sebum levels

Balances the skin

Breaks down blackheads

Substantially reduces recurring breakouts

Tightens pores

 Improves skin tone & texture

1x 30ml bottle - Approx 4-6 weeks of twice daily use

Native Australian Essential Oil - Kunzea:
This treatment oil features Kunzea which has a unique molecular structure allowing it to work at a cellular level to lock in deep lasting hydration - this is what helps to control your skin's Sebum levels. This powerful oil also has skin-healing properties, repairing the layers of the skin as you cleanse plus it's antibacterial - helping your pores stay clear & clean

Full ingredients
Organic Vitis Vinefera, Citrus Reticulata, Citrus Sinensis, Citrus Aurantium ssp. Amara, Kunzea Ambigua (White Kunzea, Native to Australia)

Skin Types: This treatment oil is most beneficial combination/ oily skin due to it's oil-reducing, clarifying properties.

Common conditions: Excessive oil, stubborn makeup, inflammed skin, clogged pores, blackheads, breakout prevention

Makeup compatibility: This oil is an AMAZING makeup remover. The oil dissolves away most types of makeup in just a few wipes & is both nourishing & hydrating - so your skin feels GREAT once your makeup is off.

Customer Reviews

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Mint cleansing oil


Heaven in a bottle!

I had originally purchased the supercharged routine which is when I first fell in love with the mint cleansing oil. It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super clean! Plus it’s helping with my horrible cystic acne! I can’t love this stuff enough!


Mint - Cleansing Oil


Mint - Cleansing Oil


This cleanser is nothing short of amazing! Was skeptical at first to use an oil cleanser on my oily skin, thinking it may make my skin even more oily and prone to breakouts . But I couldn’t have been more wrong! My skin is nowhere near as oily and has never looked as clear as it does now, not to mention it is so easy to use. It literally dissolves away my make up and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated without feeling oily. Love this cleanser 😍😍

Smells good and nice to use

I like this cleansing oil, it cleans without drying, and doesn't leave a residue. Expensive, but goes a long way if you use it as directed (4 drops).

Best cleanse routine

Without a doubt the best cleanse routine I have come across and will continuously use just because of how quick and easy it is as well as how my skin feels after cleanse.

All time favourite cleanser

This is without a doubt the best cleanser I have ever used. Not only does it effectively cleanse the skin without leaving ANY residue or greasy feeling, but it actually mattifies the skin to a fair degree. I was skeptical when I read that it controlled oil production because I've seen those claims before on products, but this one REALLY makes a difference. I'm blown away by how good this product is and am never going to stop using it. Do yourself a favour and try it out, you won't go back.


I’m obsessed with this product! I love how it takes off all my make up and leaves my skin feeling clean and not at all oily! I love how easy and simply this is when I’m so lazy to wash my face!