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A delicious treat for your eyes

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This little gem is a game changer for your under eye area.  With 12 powerhouse ingredients in 1 serum.  It works its magic overnight to reduce puffiness, dark shadows, fine lines and wrinkles.

Our signature blend features a mix of rich, restorative oils and plant-based extracts including Kakadu Plum, Green Tea and Olive Leaf extract, designed to restore & protect the delicate tissue around your eyes. This advanced formulation is designed to soak in overnight helping promote a brighter, smoother eye area

Use nightly for best results

Toxin-free, high-potency native Australian ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan friendly


Why use it?
What are the key ingredients
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Reduces puffiness

Firms skin

Brightens dark circles

Softens fine lines & Wrinkles

Soothing to the sensitive eye area

Loaded with antioxidants

Gentle yet effective at brightening dark circles, reducing puffiness and softening fine lines and wrinkles. This refreshing herbal extract is soothing around the sensitive eye area.


Green Tea:
Green tea is high in antioxidants, including vitamins C and E. This type of tea contains the eye-crucial antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Green tea has a high polyphenol content. One type of its polyphenols is called “catechins,” which have their own special antioxidant qualities.

Kakadu Plum:
The powerhouse natural Vitamin C source to sustain collagen production. This amazing fruit extract leaves skin looking healthy and radiant with more than 50 times the amount of Vitamin C than your average orange.

Olive Leaf Extract:
Olive leaf extract is comprised of phyto-nutrients, such as flavonoids, plus a number of catechins, which all have an impressive antioxidant capacity; much higher than vitamin C and even more than green tea extract.

Olive leaf extract contains essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc, selenium, chromium, vitamin C, beta-carotene and a wide range of amino acids.

Soothes and relaxes small blood vessels around the eyes

A rich source of antioxidants -  vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids like beta-carotene and lycopene. Together, these high levels of nutrients help protect the skin against free radicals that cause damage to the skin. These free radicals lead to wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. 

In addition, the enzyme papain found in papaya breaks down dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal when used topically. Papaya facial & body treatments are a great way to improve the skin's texture, elasticity and appearance.

Full ingredients List:
Avocado Oil, Camelia Oil, Calendula Extract, Chamomile Extract, Green Tea, Kakadu Plum, Olive Leaf Extract, Passionflower, Papaya, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense

Skin Types:
 This beautiful serum works for ALL skin types

You can use this daily.


Goodieco Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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I haven't been using it every night only because I keep forgetting but when I do there is always a very noticeable difference! Looks sooooo much better! Love it!

Eye serum

I’ve been using the eye serum for about a week and a half now and it has done miracles. You see results overnight. I get dark circles all the time due to late nights and there was a significant difference in my under eyes circles. The oil smells really nice, I can’t name the scent but I know I’ve smelt it before. It was really gentle and non irritating on my sensitive skin. The price is a killer but due to the roll on packaging I’ve barely made a dent in it, it will last me waaay longer than the actual facial oils I use (it will probably last me 5 months) - it’s a just an estimate don’t quote me haha but I’m loving this and will continue to buy when I eventually run out

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