The Eye Serum - Advanced Eye Treatment

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This little gem is a game-changer for your under eye area. With 12 powerhouse, natural ingredients in one serum. It works its magic overnight to reduce puffiness, dark shadows, fine lines and wrinkles.

Our signature blend features a mix of rich, restorative oils and plant-based extracts including Kakadu Plum, Green Tea and Olive Leaf extract, designed to restore & protect the delicate tissue around your eyes. This advanced formulation is designed to soak in overnight helping promote a brighter, smoother eye area

 Reduces puffiness

 Firms sagging skin

 Brightens dark circles

 Softens fine lines & Wrinkles

 Soothing to the sensitive eye area

 Loaded with antioxidants


10ml Roller Bottle - Approx 4-6 weeks of daily treatments

Full ingredients list:
Organic Persea Americana, Camellia Japonica, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Matricaria Chamomilla Extract, Camellia Sinensis, Kakadu Plum (Native to Australia), Olea Europaea Extract, Passiflora, Carica Papaya, Cananga Odorata, Boswellia

Skin Types: All skin types

Common conditions: Dark under-eye circles, lines+wrinkles, sunken eyes, thin/ papery skin under eye

Product compatibility: A great addition to our core 3-step routines

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Miracle Product!!!

This product changed my skin!!! I am 57 years old and have finally found my Holy Grail Skincare!!!!


I didn't notice a huge, huge difference with this eye serum. With that being said, though, I don't have dark circles, bags, or a lot of lines under my eyes even for the ripe old age of 39. It does soak into the skin well and keep it hydrated. The bottle lasts a very long time, so that is a nice bonus. I would buy again.


I have been a long sufferer of the dreaded dark circles that sleep wouldn’t even fix. I was beginning to consider fillers because I figured it would be the most fool proof way of getting rid of them, and at least I’d be pretty sure id get my moneys worth. Until I found this. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and I noticed a difference within the first day of using it. Whilst in certain photos because of the lighting etc they don’t look too different, I can certainly see a noticeable difference when I look in the mirror and when I put makeup on I don’t have to use as much concealer. I can now have a bright undereye that lasts longer than just the moment I’ve woken up, and can go to work without any concealer on!! Absolutely love this product


I am an eye cream addicted..Recently started using a serum than my eye cream over it..So when I saw this I couldn’t resist..Lovely serum hydrates,minimizes fine lines and saw a change in my dark circles definitely a keeper..A little goes a long way also helps with my fine lines while wearing makeup no weird creases just smooth and perfect..Also fantastic lip serum at night..

This stuff works

I am someone who gets very little sleep and is outside all day, so needless to say I have puffy bags under my eyes often but this eye serum is like a magic wand. My bags have gone away and the skin under and around my eyes looks hydrated rather than sad and crepey!

Best eye serum EVER

I've had dark circle issue for years and have tried every product out there even high-end designer products and nothing works until NOW.
I'm not usually the one to say much on product reviews however this must be shared.
The goodieco eye serum is amazing, it's been 2 weeks for me using this amazing product and the result is phenomenal.
I'm still in shock.

Thank you goodieco, it's definitely life changing me xo

Delivers on its promises

This product has made the skin at the corners of my eyes less papery.


The Eye Serum - Advanced Eye Treatment

Best eye serum I've used

This so far is the best eye serum I've come across. The application is the easiest and also prevents wrinkles by not using your fingers. The cool metal also helps reduce puffyness under the eye. The serum itself actually delivers results, which is a miracle in itself. I've used about 20 different products, none made any change and this one has already produced results in a week. Dark circles are reduced and my eye area is nice and hydrated without being greasy. Very excited to keep using this product, GoodieCo seems to be the real deal.


I haven't been using it every night only because I keep forgetting but when I do there is always a very noticeable difference! Looks sooooo much better! Love it!