How to use an oil cleanser

How to use an oil cleanser

Cleansing you skin with oil is one of, if not the most, effective steps that you can change in your skincare game – it’s the secret to balanced healthy skin – and the foundation of everything we do here at Goodieco.

Whether you have dry, sensitive, aging or even skin prone acne & breakouts – the oil cleansing method with help to dramatically improve the stability, health and appearance of your skin.


How it works


The theory is pretty simple. Most cleansers use harsh chemicals and surfectants to strip the skin of it’s natural oils – this is what gives you that squeeky clean feeling. When you do this you’re harming the integrity of the skin’s natural moisture barrier and severaly dehydrating the skin. Day in, day out. The causes all sorts of yo-yo effects for all skin types. From consistent dryness to excess oiliness – it’s all related to unbalanced skin.

The oil cleansing method is an alternative that dissolves away impurities and cleanses the skin without drying it out. By using oils you cleanse whilst balancing the skin's natural oil levels - plus it deeply nourishes the skin while you’re cleansing.

If you haven’t oil cleansed before – the process is simple – but it does work a little differently to what you might be used to with a traditional cleanser where you just foam and rinse away.

Watch this video tutorial so you can see the basic steps to follow in the oil cleansing method. Like we said – it’s super simple:


How to oil cleanse



A few more tips



  • You'll need a small, clean washcloth & your bottle of Mint or Next Level Cleansing Oil
  • Oil cleansing works best when your pores are open & ready to receive product - generally the ideal time is right after you've stepped out of the shower

Getting Started:

  • Get set up over a wash basin
  • Splash warm water on your face - you want to ensure your face & hands are damp
  • Apply 2-4 drops of your cleansing oil onto your damp palms
  • Gently rub the palms together then work the oil into the face - massaging gently with your fingertips for approx 30 seconds
  • Be sure that the face is damp - apply additional water through the process if your skin is feeling too dry
  • Take your washcloth and rinse in warm water. You want the washcloth to be wet and hot to the touch, but not uncomfortably so
  • Take the washcloth and place over your face for 10 seconds - allowing the steam to gently soak into the skin
  • Now gently wipe the oil off your face
  • Don't apply too much friction and fold the washcloth a few times as you wipe to ensure your wiping with a clean part of the cloth
  • A final recommendation - be sure to hang your washcloth to fully dry, and - ideally - try to use a fresh washcloth every day 


And that's it.... best cleanse ever!