How to use your Goodieco Products

Before starting it is important to always patch test all new skincare products  

Using our Mint & Next Level Cleansing Oils
Using our Bright & Layer Once Oil Serum's
Using our Dream Serum's
Using the Bright Skin Face Polishing Powder
Using the Unmask Superfoods mask
  1. Step One (If wearing makeup): Remove Heavy makeup
    Apply a few drops to the face and massage into makeup and then wipe clear with a damp cloth until no trace of makeup remains. Do not use makeup wipes at this stage as they are too drying for your skin.

  2. Step Two: Oil Cleanse
    Begin by taking one dropper full of product (approx a 20c coin) and apply directly to your face - massaging the oil in gently onto the surface of the skin. Be sure to focus on the areas where makeup and sweat linger most, such as your forehead and nose.

    Massage the oil for at least one minute to ensure the oil has penetrated your skin. The longer you leave the oil on your skin, the deeper your pores will be cleansed.

  3. Step Three: Steam
    Rather than rinsing off the oil, use a clean, warm washcloth to steam and remove oil residue.

    Cover your washcloth in warm/ hot (not too hot for your face) water and wring it out before opening it and gently placing it on your face. The steam will remove any excess oil and residue from cleansing.

    Once you've steamed the oil - gently wipe away the cleansing oil. It is important to not wipe too aggressively - and there should still be a very thin lay of oil left behind - this is essential because it will keep your skin moisturized and continue to cleanse your pores. 

You can oil cleanse at least once a day for most skin types - however sensitive skin may only need to be cleansed once every few days.

How to apply:
When using a facial oil the secret is always to lightly apply to the skin. 2-3 drops (1/3 dropper) are more than sufficient to get full coverage.When applying your facial oil - lightly pat the oil onto your face with your fingertips.

In what order should apply my facial oil:
In the morning and before applying makeup apply your facial oil after cleansing and before applying our Dream Serum. This will help the oil to absorb into the skin more quickly and give your makeup the best finish. 

In the evening and after removing makeup apply your facial oil AFTER application of the Dream Serum. This will ensure your skin receives the maximum dose of nutrients from the Serum whilst the facial oil locks everything in over the top.

How to apply:
Take a dropper full of product. Apply to the palms of the hands and then gently wipe/ press onto cleansed, damp skin.

Using with your makeup:
You can add a few drops of the Serum to your foundations, concealers, and creme products to soften, make application easier and bring out a more beautiful finish.

You can apply a few drops of the Serum to your lips before applying lipstick to help prevent feathering and your lips drying.

You can apply a few drops to your makeup brushes and blenders to help makeup apply more evenly.

In what order should apply the Dream Serum:
Before applying makeup always use the Dream Serum as the last step in your skincare routine. This will ensure your skin is protected via the Serum's barrier and your makeup is in direct contact with the Serum for the best possible finish.

When not wearing makeup and before bed apply your Dream Serum before finishing with our facial oils to deliver the maximum dose of nutrients to your skin.

How often to use:
Our Bright Skin Face Polishing powder is a very gentle exfoliant. This means that it is effective for most skin types - however those with very dry or sensitive skin should only use an exfoliating infrequently and very lightly.

We would recommend usage once a week for most skin types and once every two-weeks for very dry and sensitive skin types.

How to apply
Mix 1/2 teaspoon of powder with a splash of water and mix to a fine paste. Apply to face, gently exfoliate and leave on the face until dry. Then rinse off. 

Finish immediately with our facial oils to restore and lock in hydration

How to use:

Mix one teaspoon of powder with one tablespoon of water and mix to a smooth paste. Apply to face, allow to dry and remove after 10 minutes. 

For dry skin types or when you just want more hydration we recommend using yogurt instead of water. This gives a smoother, richer mask for your skin. 

How often can I use this mask:
We recommend using every 4-5 days for best results. 

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