An introduction to oil cleansing.

An introduction to oil cleansing.


Oil cleansing means exactly what it say - a way to cleanse the skin with oil. It's the ideal way to cleanse your face for healthy, beautiful, and glowing skin - undoing the damage of what is often a lifetime of improper skin care. 

But doesn't oil = bad?

A widely held belief in skincare is that oil is bad - it's why many traditional skincare routines have focused on this idea that beautiful skin is skin that's cleaned, scrubbed, exfoliated, disinfected and stripped of every last trace of oil. But is this actually good for your skin? Your skin is a living, breathing organism - do you THINK taking to it with detergent and a brillo pad every day is going to make it healthier? 

What is actually happening with many mainstream skincare routines is we're unbalancing the skin day in, day out. Your skin's natural oil (Sebum) is being stripped away with harsh surfectants leaving your skin needing to repair itself by creating more oil. This creates a cycle where the skin becomes more & more dehydrated, retains less & less moisture, and for oily/ combination types, starts to overproduce oil to compensate - feeling like a grease slick.

This cycle of imbalance is a key source of MANY common skin concerns, such as dehydration, inflammation, congestion, acne & breakouts. 

The alternative - oil cleansing

Your skin naturally produces oils because they have a job to do - healing, protecting, moisturizing and keeping the skin healthy.

This is why it's vitally important to cleanse the skin without stripping it and why oil cleansing is SO effective at balancing the skin.

Starting with some basic chemistry, like dissolves like. What this means is that using an oil to wash your face allows you to get a gentle yet highly effective deep clean. The oil gets into your pores and helps dissolve old sebum plugs that are stuck in your pores along with all of the grit and grime.... without fully stripping the skin of it's important natural oils.

Correctly balanced skin is skin that's clear, healthy & glowing and getting your cleansing step correct is the MOST important step in your skincare routine. 


Oil cleansers are the foundation of the Goodieco 3-step routines and we've created a unique formulation for different skin types to get the best results - click the links below to head to: 

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