How to use the Ageless Routine

Can be use nightly before bed.

Step 1. Start this routine after cleansing.

Take both your POW Skin Power C +, your Dream Serum L’Orange and a small dish or cup. Use the provided spatula to mix ⅓ of a spatula of the POW Skin Power c+ with 2 drops of the Dream Serum L’Orange to activate.

Mix thoroughly. Pat all over your face with clean hands. Allow up to 60 seconds to absorb. 
Tip: Do not apply serum or liquid directly into the POW container - this will cause the powder to harden and become unusable.

Step 2. After your powder/serum mix has absorbed, apply 1-2 drops of Bounce to your fingertips, rub together quickly and pat gently all over your face.

Step 3.  Get your Cushion Hydro-Essences and lightly spritz 3 - 4 times all over your face and neck, holding about 30cm away from your face.

And you’re finished.