Layer Once - Nourishing Oil

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The queen of facial oils - anti-inflammatory, moisturising oil that rejuvenates dry sensitive skin

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Instant, intensive moisture - this 'Queen' of oils works in an instant to give you soft, glowing skin whilst soothing inflammation & redness. 

This loaded oil is the secret to beautiful soft, hydrated skin that's bright, firm & glows from within. It's designed especially for dry, sensitive skin. It's enhanced with deeply nutritious & healing Blue Cypress Oil - native to Australia. 

Nourishing, hydrating and restoring this oil also helps reduce the appearance of redness/ Rosacea. Regular usage will make your skin feel DIVINE and the delicate scent of this oil is out of this world!

Deep cellular hydration

Fortifies & protects the skin

Restores radiance and firmness

Soothes redness & dry, irritated skin

Nourishing & restorative - fights fine lines + wrinkles

Anti-oxidant rich for optimum skin-health

 Skin feels younger, healthier, supple, soothed & moisturised

1x 30ml bottle - approx 4-6 weeks of twice daily use

Native Australian Botanical Extract - Blue Cypress Oil:
Contains a concentrated dose of Blue Cypress Oil. Native to Australia this oil has remarkable healing properties plus contains guaiazulene (similar to chamazulene), which is a rare anti-inflammatory compound that gives Blue Cypress a unique blue-green color and makes it deeply nourishing for thirsty skin

Full Ingredients List
Organic Vitis Vinefera, Blue Cypress Oil, Camelia Seed Oil, Rosewood Oil 

Skin Types: Works best for normal, dry & sensitive skin in need of a high level of hydration due to it's gentle moisturizing and enhanced softening effects

Common conditions: Dry skin, Rosacea, Redness, Sensitivity, Early-signs of ageing, Eczema, Flaky skin

Makeup compatibility: Works to enhance all types of makeup including mineral, oil and liquid bases

Customer Reviews

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Since using this product my skin is so soft and feels and looks amazing then what it was before.

Pretty good so far

I was a bit skeptical about goodie co and thought it was quite expensive for what it is however I purchased the nourishing oil as I have deep fry skin and when I used it my skin seemed to soak it straight up I’ve been using it Day and night for a about 2 weeks and I’ve noticed it nice and supple in the morning and my skin has also become clearer it actually is something I’d suggest give a go if your on the fence as it’s really nice and not oily as you might think

No more dry skin

I have now been using it for two weeks. I love it. My skin hasn't been flaky or and dry since using it and my skin looks and feels fresh. I have also noticed my blemishes are slowly fading away. I was sceptical at first, but now I am a believer lol :)




Layer Once - Nourishing Oil


have only been using about a week and my skin is so much softer already, im hooked !!

So nourishing!

This oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. I’m 43 and it has made my skin feel so nourished and has certainly helped soften fine lines. Love this skin care system.

Beauty in a bottle

Beautiful product, got used to the different smell once I was using it everyday. Leaves skin hydrated and fresh.

Love It

I have really oily skin, but then use Rx medicine for acne. Sometimes I go o erboaed and then my skin gets super dry. I worry about using a lot of moisturizer but this stuff is awesome! Whether I'm dry or oily this stuff is great (Layer Once). It absorbs well and makes my skin feel great.


Lovely subtle fragrance - really lightweight and when I use overnight my skin looks brand new when I wake up in the morning